In case of weak foot dorsiflexion the wireless foot drop system innoSTEP-WL can enable a natural, safe gait pattern via functional electrostimulation.


The EMS / TENS combination device offers a wide range of applications - from incontinence therapy to pain relief and muscle building.


The innoSTIM-ET is a digital EMS/TENS combination device for electrostimulation. It has 2 individually adjustable channels and a variety of programs.

NuTek Levator Elite

The Nu-Tek Levator Elite is a user-friendly EMG / biofeedback system with triggered stimulation that is particularly suitable for incontinence treatment.


The innoTENS-KT has an extensive range of TENS programs for the treatment of pain in chronic or acute pain.


The innoBM-100 is an easy-to-use and digital upper arm blood pressure monitor for the fully automatic measurement of systole, diastole and pulse.

Kontaktloses Infrarot Fieberthermometer

Dualer Modus: Messung von Körper- und Oberflächentemperaturen


We offer a wide range of accessories in the field of electrical stimulation, such as self-adhesive electrodes, probes, textile electrodes or consumables.

Corona - Schutzausrüstung

Persönliche Schutzausrüstung: Masken, Kittel, Handschuhe und Visiere für den Privat-, Gewerbe-, Sprechstunden- und Praxisbedarf.

Product Overview Flyer

Our flyer provides a compact overview of our product range.

innoSTEP-WL Flyer

Here you will find our product flyer for the wireless foot drop system innoSTEP-WL.