Nu-Tek Levator Elite – EMG-triggered biofeedback therapy

Nu-Tek Levator Elite at a glance

Nu-Tek Levator Elite is a biofeedback device for EMG-triggered stimulation, which is very easy to handle and especially designed for incontinence therapy at home. Via electrodes or probes the muscle tonus of pelvic floor and sphincter muslces is recorded and visually or acustically displayed. Individual therapy programs – including programs for EMG-triggered electrostimulation – enable the patient to regain control over his muscles. Purposeful training – meaning a sequence consitsting of relaxation and tension of pelvic floor and sphincter muscles – allows to directly target incontinence causes.

Nu-Tek Levator Elite – benefits at a glance

  • Advanced incontinence therapy using vaginal and anal probes
  • Broad range of applications
  • More than 30 preset incontinence therapy programs
  • Easy, intuitive handling
  • Muscle training and relearning of movement patterns
  • Ideal for therapy at home
  • Can reduce medication intake and need for incontinence aids
  • Available via prescription
  • Encourages long-termed therapy success


  • Demand-Pacemaker
  • Pregnancy (if not advised by doctor)
  • Incomplete diagnostics / diffuse pain
  • Skin irritation where electrodes are placed
  • In case of incontinence therapy: Inflammation or infection of vaginal areal / urinary tract
  • Numbness / Denervation of pelvic floor

Do not place electrodes on following areas:

  • Above the Sinus caroticus-nerve
  • On the throat
  • In the mouth
  • On numb, desensitized skin

What is biofeedback therapy?

Biofeedback is a scientifically evaluated therapy in which unconscious physical processes – such as muscle activity – are measured and visualised, with the aim of enabling the patient to consciously influence these processes. In case of incontinence therapy, this means to train the willfull relaxation and tension of the pelvic floor and sphincter muscles.

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