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The Senate of Economy revives the old and at the same time modern ideas of the Senate in antiquity. As a council of elders, members have always been important and recognized people. Following this example, the Senate of Economics unites personalities from business, politics, media and culture. Together they want to advise and support decision-makers in politics and business. The aim of the work of the Senate of Economy is to promote an ecological and social market economy.
The focus is in particular on corporate responsibility, value-oriented corporate management and the support of politics geared to the common good. The guiding principle “Economy for people” is derived from this.
Senate members are ambassadors for the Senate of Economics. Through their personal membership, they help to implement the Senate's goals in dialogue with decision-makers.
Senate members are ambassadors for the SENATE OF ECONOMY. Through their personal membership, they help to implement the Senate's goals in dialogue with decision-makers. As a non-party corporate organization, the SENATE OF ECONOMY is a driving force in shaping an eco-social and sustainable economy and society. It offers specific and practice-oriented know-how for decision makers.

Aims of the Senate of Economy

The nomination and appointment as Senator of Economy in the Senate of Economy Europe and the representation of my company HELLER MEDIZINTECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG are a great honor for my company, my employees and for me.

As a renowned and innovative company in the healthcare sector, we feel connected to this community of values. With our vision to bring Europe together, energies of the entire company can be released and synergies can be used.

We are pleased to be able to help shape the commitment of the Senate of Economy Europe and Senate of Economy Germany, especially in the area of ​​health, with the essential values ​​of climate protection, sustainability, ecology, economy and eco-social market economy on an ideal platform.

In the context of meetings with Senate colleagues, decision-makers from politics and business, as well as members of the European and German Parliament, synergies can be used, the goals of the Senate can be implemented and the network for our company expanded.

Through our commitment and solidarity with the goals and values ​​of the Senate, we want to implement the goals and future of the Senate as an economic organization in our own company and make an active contribution to the spread of the eco-social market economy.

  • Discussions with policy makers,
  • Working groups and think tank rounds,
  • practice-oriented initiatives and specific self-developed projects,
  • Symposia, congresses and regional business talks as well as
  • Media work and own publications.

Further tasks of the Senate of Economy

  • Participation in the information and advice of decision-makers in politics and authorities at national, European and international level.
  • Participation in the formation of political will through the development of proposals for legislative initiatives and active participation in consultation processes of parliament and government.
  • Financing studies to develop proposed solutions in line with the association's goals.
  • Awarding and donating awards, honors and prizes.

Academy Senate of Economy

Demanding. Personally. Exclusive.

  • The Senate of Business Academy offers challenging workshops on current topics with top speakers from the Senate environment in a very personal setting and in a pleasant and exclusive atmosphere.

Inspiring. Value-oriented. Sustainable.

  • Senate members receive inspiring impulses that promote development in the areas of value-oriented corporate management, sustainable strategic management and link personnel management, team and personality development in a meaningful way.

Together. Innovative. Think.

  • In the group of TOP decision-makers, the Senate members devote themselves to all important issues from everyday company life, jointly design processes and solutions, think outside the box and dare to think in new and innovative ways.

Senator Joachim Heller

Joachim Heller | Geschäftsführer von HELLER MEDIZINTECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG in Braunfels und Senator der Wirtschaft Deutschland
Joachim Heller | Geschäftsführer
Senator of Economy Europe / Senator der Wirtschaft Deutschland