innoSTIM-TE | TENS device, EMS device incl. massage function | Muscle and Nerve stimulation

pain therapy and muscle stimulation with massage function

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The innoSTIM-TE is a digital TENS / EMS combo device for electrical stimulation at home. 10 different TENS programs can be used to reduce chronical or acute pain. The programs are tailored to different indications and the application on different parts of the body. During a TENS treatment, the electrical stimulation of certain nerve pathways blocks the transmission of pain to the brain and stimulates the release of endorphins. In this way, the patient's pain perception can be reduced practically without side effects.

The 9 EMS programs support the muscle training an help to maintain mobility – even in case of immobilization, for example after surgery. During an EMS treatment, low-frequency electrical impulses stimulate peripheral nerves, which triggers muscle contractions. The muscles are trained through the program-specific sequence of relaxation and relaxation.

In addition, the innoSTIM-TE has 3 massage programs: pleasant electrical signals are perceived as pleasant vibrations or gentle tapping.

Benefits and functions of the innoSTIM-TE

  • 10 TENS programes
  • 9 EMS programes
  • 3 massage programes
  • Improvement of chronic and acute pain - practically free of side effects
  • Muscle building, also pre- or post-operatively
  • Allows you to reduce your medication intake
  • Can be prescribed by your treating doctor
  • Display with optimal application regions of the individual programs
  • Simple, intuitive handling for use at home

Applicationfield of the TENS-/EMS-combi unit

  • Cranio Mandibular Dysfunction (CMD)
  • Back pain
  • Disc hernitage / Ischialgia
  • Polyneuropathy
  • Carpal tunnel syndrom
  • Epicondylitis (“tennis elbow” or “golf elbow”)
  • Incontinence
  • Postoperative muscle training
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Enhance blood circulation


  • Febrile disorders
  • Demand pacemakers
  • Skin lesions and dermatitis in the region treated
  • Electrode-placement on abdomen in case of pregancy
  • Malignant tumours
  • Acute infectious diseases
  • Cerebral seizure disorders, Epilepsie
  • Metal implants in the region treated
  • Do not place electrodes on following areas:

    • Above the Sinus caroticus-nerve
    • On the throat
    • In the mouth
    • On numb, desensitized skin

    Gebrauchsanweisung / Manual

    TENS – Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimualtion

    Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimualtion (TENS) is a recognised scientific method which is used successfully for pain management. Sensitive nerves are stimulated by electrical impulses via electrodes placed on the skin, which ultimately has a positive effect on the patient's perception of pain – without the need for any additional medication. TENS utilizes two different mechanisms: The "Gate Control Theorie" describes a method overriding the pain signal. Short impulses combined with a high impulse frequency stimulate the Aβ nerve fibres, so that the pain signal is overwritten. The "Burst Theorie" uses a combination of long impulse duration with low impulse frequencies, in order to promote the release of endorphines, which blocks the pain perception.

    Benefits of TENS at a glance:

    • Treatment of chronic and acute pain
    • Can reduce medication intake
    • Virtually no side effects
    • Ideal for treatment at home
    • Devices are available via prescription
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    EMS – Electrical Muscle Stimulation

    Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) can support patients in muscle training. Via electrodes placed on the skin the nerve fibres are stimulated with low frequency electrical signals, which ultimately causes the muscles to contract. The muscle stimulated this way starts to work even in the absence of any voluntary contraction once the appropriate current intensity is provided. The sequences of contraction and relaxation equal an intensive isometric muscle training. In addition to maintaining and promoting muscle, tendon and joint structure development, this has a very positive influence on the coordination of movement and increasing blood supply to the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, tendons and joints. EMS offers patients the possibility to maintain muscle strenth and mobility after surgery or injury. Especially incontinence therapy is a promising application field: By specifially training sphincter and pelvic floor muscsles the incontinence can be treated without additional medication.

    Benefits of EMS at a glance

    • Muscle training and relaxation
    • Circulation stimulation
    • Prevent muscle atrophie
    • Ideal for incontinence therapy
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    How can i get the innoSTIM-TE?

    You can go to your doctor and requests a presciption or you can buy this device in our online shop.

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