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Foot drop system innoSTEP-WL - Tutorials

Your treating physician can prescribe the foot drop system innoSTEP-WL as a remedy for weak foot dorsiflexion. The foot drop system uses functional electrostimulation of the peroneal nerve to compensate the weak foot dorsiflexion and improve gait pattern. This also can support the remodelling of neural pathways. The short tutorial clips illustrate the everyday handling of the innoSTEP-WL.

Scope of delivery

Presenting the scope of delivery and single components of the innoSTEP-WL.
Duration: 02:44

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Removing the cuff

It is very easy to detach the cuff from the stimulation unit, in order to make cleaning or replacing it as comfortable as possible.
Duration: 01:08

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Connecting the cuff

It takes just a few steps to connect the cuff with the stimulation unit, so the everyday handling is very easy.
Duration: 02:04

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Connecting adhesive electrodes

The adhesive electrodes allow a pinpoint stimulation of the peroneal nerve and must be used with the corresponding cuff.
Duration: 02:10

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Applying the cuff

The innoSTEP-WL is applied right below the knee and can enable patients to walk naturally again – despite a weak foot dorsiflexion.
Duration: 01:39

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Applying adhesive electrodes

The adhesive electrodes are placed on the head of the fibula and the tibial muscle.
Duration: 02:09

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Training mode

The training mode enables patients to train shin, calf and foot muscels while sitting or lying down.
Duration: 01:35

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Gait mode

Using the gait mode, the foot drop system automatically adapts to the patient's walking pattern and speed.
Duration: 01:22

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Checking the battery

The foot drop system innoSTEP-WL can be used in gait mode for approx. 10 hours and can be easily recharged.
Duration: 00:55

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Expand the cuff

The seperately available expansion strap can be used to expand the cuff, in case it sits to tight.
Duration: 01:14

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